Project name: „Aquata2“

Customers: Online Gamer

Aquata2 is the follow-up game of Aquata. The gamers are navigating on world map and are fighting against pirates or other gamers. It is necessary to find one’s own optimal resource strategy and to specialize oneself. In addition, gamers are presented with a balanced fighting system in which each and every gamer has the same chance of winning. We are looking forward to the implementation of this project since it will portray the complexity of our Web solutions and hopefully, also be played all around the world.

Due to the facts that Aquata2 is less tabular and time-consuming than Aquata, it is targeted at casual gamers. However, the motto of this game is: gamers may invest a lot of time in Aquata2 but they do not have to. At the moment it is still work-in-progress.