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Smart Web Development, E-Commerce, Interactive Visualization and Hosting


Smart Web Development

We develop your INDIVIDUAL software solution.

Software solutions may lead to huge increases in productivity within a company or organisation. Due to our great experience and know-how in the field of software development with a focus on Web development, we are able to develop individual software solutions that optimize the internal knowledge management based on your specific needs.

We focus on the intelligent connection between the usage of already existing technologies and frameworks with the knowledge and the skills to develop your individual software solution based on your specific needs. In more detail, the spectrum of our services ranges from online-games to back-end architecture as well as from online cloud databases and redundant server environments to apps and pure interface solutions (e.g. for live data presentations or iOS Web Interfaces).

All our smart Web development products are of high quality – convince yourself under references!





According to a study regarding E-commerce conducted by the French Association de l’Economie Numérique, between 60 and 80 percent of Internet users search for and find goods and services online.

Based on your individual needs, we develop your specially tailored online sales channel in order to increase not only sales but also efficiency in your company. The spectrum of our services ranges from simple order forms, contact forms and reservation systems to complex online shops including features such as shopping baskets, print@home function and interactive design. 

You find some of our E-commerce projects under references.


Interactive Visualization

We bring your DATA to life.

In the age of digitalization, companies are flooded with tons of pieces of information. In most cases, they aim at storing as much data as possible. However, the majority of companies fails at evaluating the data. Therefore, despite their massive data archives, they find it difficult to gain an overview of the status-quo as well as to make valid forecasts for the future. That is why it makes sense to visualize data in order to make them more tangible.

The spectrum of our services ranges here from standard visualization types such as pie and bar charts to more complex visualization types such as data-responsive maps and bubble charts. In addition, we use filters and pop-up information boxes in order to provide clearness and information depth.

You find some of our visualization projects under references.



We register and HOST your website.

The first step into the World Wide Web concerns the registration of your personal domain, your online “address” (e.g. www.midlight.eu). We provide you with our professional advice in terms of wording and ending (e.g. at, com, eu).

The second step into the World Wide Web is related to the hosting of your website on a reliable server. By hosting your website on our servers, we make sure that your website is quickly accessible at any point of time. Despite situations of multi-user access, the usage of different content management systems (e.g. Concrete5, Typo3 and Wordpress) and complex features, the accessibility of your website will not be impeded in any way. This is due to the fact, that all our websites are hosted by a highly-performant server which is located in a highly redundant colocation centre. At the moment, our server is characterized by an availability of more than 99,9 % of time, which will be further increased by adding a second server as data mirror. Whenever the first server is not available, the second server will take over the information retrieval and thereby, it increases the availability of the website. In addition to availability, we focus on the speed of the information retrieval since quickness is extremely important for user satisfaction. In order to make sure that the hosted websites tend to react quickly, we chose overdesigned servers with a degree of capacity utilisation of under 0,3 % which will be maintained in the long-run. 



Introducing Midlight GmbH


We are a young, innovative Web development company. The variety of our services ranges from hosting to e-commerce solutions, data visualizations and complex Web developments. Our services include: developing an effective online communication channel, online shops, order forms, contact forms, individual software solutions, apps, interactive data visualization and online games. 

We are one of few selected concrete5 partners – this expression represents our close relations to the content management system’s developers. In other words, we take part in the development process of concrete5 as external partners and we are always among the first people to be informed about new technologies and changes. In addition, we have already contributed to the system through our projects.


What makes all of this possible, is our professional team. Due to our Web development skills, our innovative spirit and our knowledge about efficient ways of online information design and knowledge management, we accompany our customers as a reliable partner to the full utilization of their digital potential.

Facts and Figures:

  • Company name: Midlight GmbH
  • CEO: DI Simon A. T. Jiménez, MA
  • 2009: foundation of Midlight as sole proprietorship Midlight E.U.
  • 2013: change of the legal form from sole proprietorship to company with limited liability Midlight GmbH
  • Headquarter: Griesgasse 1/3/4, A-8020 Graz
  • Young, innovative team consisting of around 15 people
  • Follow the links to get to our other business units: photography, wedding photography and music.


Our strategic aim is the development of up-to-date knowledge management systems and attractive online appearances as vehicles contributing to the success of our customers.

Knowledge management: In the age of digitalisation and information overload the boundaries between online and offline communication are becoming more and more blurry. Our understanding of the dynamics, complexity and variety of this development enables us to use the process of digitalisation as a spring board to effective and holistic knowledge management for our customers. In more detail, we concentrate on efficiently organising and connecting data in order to provide our customers with more efficiency and time savings with regards to their internal processes.

Online appearance: Nowadays, customers expect professional companies and organisations to offer some kind of online communication. With regards to this areas, we would like to support our customers as their reliable partner from planning to implementing their online appearances such as apps or online-shops, for example.


Our mission is to be a reliable partner for our customers when it comes to smart Web development, interactive visualizations, e-commerce and hosting. 

Core Competency

„The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.“ – Albert Einstein

Based on this motto, we profit from the current development in the Web branch by thinking ahead. Our Web development solutions are not oriented towards today’s knowledge but towards the technology of tomorrow. Therefore, we create individual teams for each and every project which only include the respectively required specialists and experts in order to deliver the best possible solutions to our customers.

„Nothing is pleasant that is not spiced with variety.“ – Francis Bacon

Our spectrum of services ranges from hosting, interactive visualizations and E-commerce solutions to complex Web developments including back-end architecture, redundant server environments, pure interface solutions and online games. Due to our in-depth know – how, we are able to offer such a broad variety of services, which makes us a multi-faceted partner for our customers.

„Honesty is the best policy.“ – Benjamin Franklin

We would like to convince our customers with honest expertise. Therefore, we consider transparency and honesty as core characteristics of our approach to work.



Every project increases our experience and know-how

Our Work


Our motivated and professional team works on your projects

Our team, ranked by years of service: 

Dipl.-Ing. Simon Jimenez, MA

CEO, Web Development Lead, Lecturer

Studies: Dipl.-Ing. of Software Engineering and Management at the University of Technology Graz, Master of Mediation.
Our expert for PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/JS. Concrete5 Certified, Zend Framework 2 developer, jQuery native, Knockout JS developer.

Marko Burazer, BSc

Web Developer

Studies: Master in Software Development and Business at the University of Technology, Graz.
Our expert for JavaScript, Aurelia and Node development.

Sebastian Krell, BSc

Web Developer

Studies: Master in Telematics at the University of Technology, Graz. A few years of experience as freelance Web developer.
Our expert for Concrete5 development, frontend & backend development.

Elena Mashkina, BSc

Human Interaction Design

Studies: Master in Informatics at University of Technology, Graz.
Our expert for heuristic evaluations, user tests, development of concepts and Concrete5 content management.

Mattis Turin-Zelenko

Web Developer

Studies: Bachelor of Science in Informatics at the University of Technology, Graz. Our youngest team member with a surprisingly large know-how in JavaScript, KnockoutJS, jQuery, d3js and PHP.
Our expert for backend and frontend development and data visualization.

Gregor Sitter, BSc

Web Developer

Studies: Master in Software Engineering and Management at the University of Technology, Graz.
Our expert for testing with Jasmine and Selenium.

Markus Kammerhofer, BSc

Web Developer

Studies: Master in Software Engineering and Management at the University of Technology, Graz. Certified Scrum Master. Our expert for node.js, mongodb and data visualization.

Michael Jantscher, BSc

Web Developer

Studies: Master in Telematics at the University of Technology, Graz. Our expert for Concrete5 block development, Concrete5 theme creation and adaptation.

Katharina Teubl

Assistant to the CEO

Studies: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Karl-Franzens University, Graz and Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, various internships in the field of business administration.

Laura Bebek, BSc

Project manager

Studies: Master in Software Engineering and Management at the University of Technology, Graz. Our project manager, who is not only responsible for the successful handling of our projects, but also for the ressource planning.

Max Deineko, BSc

Web Developer

Studies: Software-Engineering at the University of Technology, Graz. Our backend-developer with an eye for the code-detail.

Christian Hartinger, BSc

Web Developer

Studies: Informatics at the University of Technology, Graz.
Christian supports our team wherever there is need. He mostly works on Aurelia-Singlepage-Web solutions.

Otto Edler

Web Developer

Studies: Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering at the University of Technology, Graz. Otto is our expert for PHP and is currently learning the ropes of Concrete5.

Dr. Paul Tirk, MSc

Web Developer

Studies: Chemistry and Electrical and Audio Engineering at the University of Technology, Graz. Paul is our expert for Single Page Applications with Aurelia as well as Node.js and live synchronization.

Edin Hadzovic

Web Developer

Studies: Bachelor of Science in Informatics at the University of Technology, Graz. Edin supports our team as Node.js and frontend developer.

Manuel Zwerenz ("Nef")

Web Developer

Our expert for frontend development, Markup and jQuery with many years of practical experience.

Edgar Bültemeyer

Web Developer

Edgar knows how big systems work. As experienced technical manager he builds online shops and associated tools. He works with Concrete5, PHP, mySQL, Node.js.

Andreas Höffernig

Web Developer

Andreas is our frontend developer specialized in accessibilty and dynamic web pages. He works amongst other things with React, jQuery, KnockoutJS and Node.js.

Eduard Fraissler

Interaction, Graphic and Game Designer

Various university studies (psychology, history of art). Autodidactic user interaction, graphic and game designer.



His aim: gaining as much practical experience as possible.



His aim: gaining as much practical experiece as possible.

Christin Bacher, BA

Graphic Designer

Studies: Bachelor of Arts in Information Design at the University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum Graz. Dedicated to graphic design.
Our expert for data visualization and brand identity.


How may we help you?

Midlight GmbH


+43 664 9100234

Midlight GmbH
Griesgasse 1/3/4
8020 Graz


Company Data:

Company wording: Midlight GmbH

Email: office@midlight.gmbh

Phone: +43 664 9100234

Address: Griesgasse 1, 8020 Graz, Austria

CEO: DI Simon A.T. Jiménez, MA

UID: ATU68181068

Commercial register number: 404304s

Commercial register court: Landesgericht für ZRS Graz